Monday, November 29, 2010

2011 Schedule of Events

Exact dates are yet to be determined, but we've put together a tentative outline of Humboldt Vegetarian Society events for 2011 -
January 2011
  • Adults' dinner out
  • Fair trade chocolate tasting and screening of 'The Dark Side of Chocolate' (late January or early February)
February 2011
  • Potluck (and film screening?) hosted by Valerie in Eureka
March 2011
  • Vegan chili cook-off at the HAF Community Center
April 2011
  • Adults' dinner out
  • Outreach event - distribute vegan hot chocolate and vegan literature in front of the Arcata Co-op
May 2011
  • Potluck and film screening (possibly The Cove) at the HAF Community Center
June 2011
  • Vegan picnic (possibly at the pump station East of Arcata)
July 2011
  • Potluck and speaker at the HAF Community Center
August 2011
  • Vegan ice cream party hosted by Tamara in Bayside
September 2011
  • Local foods themed potluck at the HAF Community Center
  • Possible cooking class with Jennifer Raymond, either in combination with the potluck or on a different day
October 2011
  • Adults' dinner out
  • Potluck hosted by Heather in Eureka
November 2011
  • Vegan Thanksgiving at the HAF Community Center
December 2011
  • ???
If anyone has ideas for additional projects or events, please feel free to organize something using either our Yahoo group and/or Facebook page.

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